Tuesday 28 September 2021

A day of showers and sunshine. The rain brought up worms for the Blackbirds.

The table umbrellas were up at the Dell restaurant. A Carrion Crow waited for a chance to grab a slice of pizza.

A Chaffinch sheltering under the bushes near the bridge caught a wasp and ate it.

A flock of Long-Tailed Tits passed through the holly trees above ...

... bringing with them some Great Tits ...

... and Chiffchaffs.

By the time I got to the other side of the bridge the sun had come out and a Robin was singing.

Two Goldcrests were also singing in yew trees in the Dell.

The male Peregrine was on the tower.

A young Herring Gull fished up a crushed Coca-Cola can from the bottom of the lake and played with it.

One of our winter regulars, the Polish Black-Headed Gull T4UN. There are now three Polish visitors in the park.

The teenage Great Crested Grebe from the bridge was fishing and came up with something, but it was only a dead leaf.

At least its father had the chance of a good rest near the bridge.

The younger two chicks on the Long Water were exploring by themselves. But they still need constant feeding and attention from their parents.

A Coot enjoyed a splash in the Serpentine.

Two Greenbottle flies wandered over an ivy flower at the back of the Lido.


  1. Your pictures of little birds are always so gorgeous. The careful composition, the attention to colour harmony in the background always give grounds for admiration.

    I could listen to that Robin sing for hours.

    1. It's easy to get a pretty background in a holly tree with berries.

      I can't resist filming Robins singing. Every time I see one I reach for the video camera.

  2. Autumn has certainly arrived, Ralph. Lovely shot of the Chiffchaff framed with the holly berries.

    Chaffinch is a bird that's totally disappeared around here until any wintering birds turn up. Amazing how fortunes change!

    1. For several years there has been a family of Chaffinches nesting in a holly tree at the SW corner of the bridge. There's another in the SW corner of the leaf yard. Not many, and they all eventually get the foot virus, but they are hanging on.