Monday, 10 May 2021

The two Black Swans on the Long Water are quite friendly now. It remains to be seen how the Mute mate of the elder one will react.

However, in St James's Park the mixed family is perfectly harmonious. Thanks to Rod Wey for this picture of all of them together.

The swan nesting on the Long Water had to put up with a Cormorant, two Egyptian Geese and a nesting Coot on her private island.

A swan at Peter Pan shooed away six new Mallard ducklings.

There were another three on the dead willow near the Italian Garden.

The four on the Serpentine went past the eight Egyptian goslings -- both feats of survival on the gull-infested lake.

Moorhen chicks in a planter in the Italian Garden were fed by a parent.

The Moorhen nesting in a powerboat relaxed in a rowing boat for a change.

The young Grey Wagtails at the Lido restaurant are now catching insects in midair -- or at least trying to.

A Starling on a table fluffed itself up.

The Long-Tailed Tits near the Henry Moore sculpture bustled around looking for insects for their nestlings.

A Chifffchaff perched in a tree above them ...

... while below, a Rose-Ringed Parakeet drank from a puddle.

The usual Blue Tit followed us demanding pine nuts.

Blue Tits are nesting in a gas lamp post at the bottom of the Dell.

On the west side of the Long Water, a female Blackcap flitted around in a tree.

A Song Thrush came out on a hawthorn branch near the Queen's Temple.

A Goldcrest bounced about in the shadows by the bridge.


  1. I hope my memory isn't playing a trick on me, but aren't ducks and geese being more successful this year than usual?

    Lovely picture of the dishevelled Starling. Such a common bird, and yet such extraordinary irisations.

    Eagerly looking forward to seeing how the situation with both Black Swans develops. Very curious situation all around.

    1. Yes, the ducks and geese do seem to be doing better than usual. The main cause, I think, is that there are fewer Herring Gulls around. Their numbers dropped sharply at the start of the first lockdown -- less to scavenge, I suppose -- and have not fully recovered.

      The two Black Swans were on different sides of the bridge yesterday, but I don't think that is a sign of anything much. They move around freely.