Friday 1 January 2021

A Robin ticked in a rose bush in the Rose Garden, a warning that a Magpie had come too close for comfort.

The danger over, the Robin settled down to singing -- though of course this too is a warning to rivals to keep away.

Coal Tits move to another twig after singing a phrase, so filming them is a chancy business.

Also in the Rose Garden, a Wren ...

... a Long-Tailed Tit ...

... and a female Blackbird looking for worms in the grass.

Another Robin perched in a dogwood bush at the back of the Lido.

A Goldcrest showed momentarily in the yew tree in the leaf yard.

The female Peregrine was on the tower.

She was later joined by her mate, but by then it was too misty for photographs.

A Grey Heron flew into the second nest from the top on the island ...

... and stood around watching its mate do all the work.

A glare from the pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull to wish all his fans a happy New Year.

The restless Black Swan has come back to the Serpentine, where she grabbed a piece of bread from another swan.

The Goldeneye was in his usual place out in the middle of the lake.

The fountains in the Italian Garden have broken down again. I'm sure they never did when they were powered by a steam engine. A Coot, a Mallard and a Moorhen took advantage of the quiet perch.

A Cormorant looked for fish in the pool, found none, and spread its wings to fly away.


  1. Love all the pictures of small birds! So cute even when they are bickering.

    And a happy new year to Pigeon Killer, as well, from his adoring fans, even if he glares and glowers.

    1. Pigeon Killer seems to know he's famous, with 3.5 million viewers and a page in the Internet Movie Database.

    2. Really???? Where can I see it???

    3. Here. But it's just a routine entry for any YouTube video that gets more than a million views.