Sunday, 10 May 2020

Back to winter temperatures today, with a chilly breeze. A Magpie stood in the little waves breaking at the edge of the lake, which were washing insects ashore for it to eat.

A Starling had to jump out of the way of a wave.

Another had difficulty swallowing a large and hard sultana it had been given. It was still trying when I left, but I'm sure it managed somehow.

A Blackcap stared down from a plane tree.

A Wren was singing fit to bust in a blossoming hawthorn.

A Pied Wagtail sprinted around the roof of one of the boathouses looking for insects in the joints in the tiles.

There are a lot of dead fish in the lake at the moment, I think from exhaustion after spawning. Carrion Crows don't mind if they're a bit rotten by the time they float ashore.

The injured Grey Heron was fishing at the bottom of the Dell waterfall. It is getting around better, but awkwardly.

A Herring Gull pecked algae off a buoy. The plastic surface is much eroded by birds pecking it.

The Coot on the second nest under the Dell restaurant balcony adjusted a plastic bag to its liking.

A pair of Gadwalls fed peacefully near the shore.

The Black Swan's ruffles were ruffled more by the wind.

I see scenes like this in the park every time I visit. Owners are required to keep their dogs on leads when near water (and during the current panic, everywhere in the park). But they think the rules don't apply to them, and that everything their pet does is lovely and funny. Note the laughter at the end.

I would except dog walkers from this criticism. They have licences to lose and behave responsibly. Also they are better able to control dogs than their indulgent owners.

Mark Williams found a Banded Demoiselle. I haven't seen any member of the dragonfly or damselfly family yet.

He also got a pleasing picture of a Brimstone butterfly doing a good job of pretending to be a leaf.


  1. I hope that swan would break his arm. It would be only fair.

    That Starling looks remarkably like a dishevelled angel taking off.

    1. I wonder whether angels can take off vertically, or whether they have to take a good long run to get airborne. Unfortunately no painter has given us the scene just after the Annunciation.