Saturday 25 April 2020

A Grey Wagtail collected insects on the jetty at the Lido to feed its young. They like nesting under things near water, and the nest may be on the supports of the jetty.

When I came back later the bird was in the same place, still hunting for more insects.

The Long-Tailed Tits in the Rose Garden were also hard at work collecting bugs for their nestlings.

A Mistle Thrush appeared for a moment from behind a tree near Queen's Gate, not a usual place for them. It may be one of the pair that generally nest in a plane tree on the east side of the Albert Memorial.

The Little Owl in the alder on Buck Hill was enjoying a scratch.

More Great Crested Grebes have arrived on the Serpentine. Two pairs staked out their territory, warning off their neighbours. A pair exchanged a bit of weed, symbolic of building a nest.

The Coots evicted from their nest were on the rock near the Italian Garden with their single surviving chick.

The lone Egyptian gosling near the Triangle car park has made it through another day.

One of the familiar Bar-Headed x Greylag Goose hybrids had flown in from St James's Park ...

... bringing with it an unfamiliar visitor, a half-and-half Bar-Headed x Greylag -- our usual ones are three-quarters Bar-Headed and a quarter Greylag. This goose is one of the original crosses in the previous generation. It may be the father of our usual visitors.

Two Mute Swans descending in different directions had a near miss.

A pair of Mandarins lurked in the shadows under the balcony of the Dell restaurant.

The Common Carp in the Italian Garden are showing signs of wanting to spawn, if not yet actually doing so.

A Holly Blue butterfly rested on an ivy leaf at the back of the Lido.

Two Buff-Tailed Bumblebees browsed on flowers, a male ...

... and a female heavily laden with pollen.


  1. We are going to need ATC installed in the park.

    Small birds are the best pesticides.

    1. I think the Civil Aviation Authority will have something to say to those swans, and they might find their flying licences being revoked.