Sunday, 15 April 2018

There was just time for a quick trip round the park before I went to Rainham Marshes. The Great Crested Grebe on the stolen Coot nest was turning her eggs. I could see four.

A Jay broke off a twig to take to its nest.

A Long-Tailed Tit looked out a bush near Peter Pan.

The Little Owl at the leaf yard came out of her hole.

Tom showed me round Rainham Marshes, where he works as a volunteer. The star attraction was a Black-Necked Grebe. It was far out in the pond, so this is a distant view.

There are Little Grebes calling to each other all over the reserve. Here is one zigzagging across the pond looking for fish, and another sitting on a nest in the reeds.

A Great Egret had been on the marshes for several days, and had been seen that morning, but it eluded us. There were several Little Egrets.

There were plenty of Lapwings. This one seems to be deliberately trembling its foot, possibly to bring up worms or other invertebrates, in much the same manner as a gull's pattering dance to get worms.

A flight of Shelducks crossed the marshes.

A Kestrel hovered, too far away for a good picture.

There were also two Marsh Harriers, farther off and impossible to photograph.

Skylarks rose singing.

Cetti's Warblers were calling all over the place. This is a poor picture, but these birds are so hard to photograph that I think it deserves inclusion.

Tom got a good picture of a female Bearded Tit, which I missed because I was on the wrong side of a clump of reeds.

A male Reed Bunting perched on a bush.

Marsh Frogs were croaking in the narrow channels.

There was a patch of Marsh Marigolds.


  1. Congratulations on getting a picture of a Cetti’s!

  2. But not as good as the view I got on 9 December 2015. That was a once in a lifetime chance.

  3. Well done even to see perched Cetti's, let alone film them. Surely the grebes on the stolen nest won't now yield until they are able to carry away the chicks? Jim

    1. I'm hoping that the grebes will keep that nest now. But this is the first time I've ever seen grebes win one of these contests, and I can hardly believe they got away with it.

    2. Yeah, agree, wonderful view of the Cetti's. A pleasure just to know it is there. A great day altogether, I think.

    3. I've never been to Rainham without seeing -- and photographing -- something of interest. A splendid place.

  4. Indeed, loved going there,and as you say always something of special interest.

  5. Great pictures of the visit! So very glad it was so fruitful. The close and unobstructed pictures of the Cetti's Warbler from 2015 are indeed prime material.

    I love the video of the Black-Necked Grebe. Such an elusive little bird. Congratulations!

    1. It was very pleasing to see the Black-Necked Grebe, but I wish I'd had my best lens to get a better still picture of it. The lens is still away being serviced.