Tuesday 13 March 2018

There are only three Cormorants left on the lake, still managing to catch enough fish to keep them going. This one was fishing in the old water filter under the parapet of the Italian Garden.

The Great Crested Grebes at the east end of the Serpentine island have already built and abandoned one nest this year, and now they are just starting another, laying twigs over a submerged branch in a haphazard way and hoping that some will stick there.

The pair at the bridge have given up nest building for now, and are content to rest side by side.

A young Herring Gull on the Serpentine had a fair-sized stick, which it was dropping in the water to make an enjoyable splash.

The Egyptian Goose in the Grey Herons' nest on the island has settled down comfortably in her stolen home. There was no sign of the herons.

A pair of Egyptians were raising a racket on a dead tree near the Albert Memorial. Evidently the point of these noisy displays is to claim territory. The tree itself offers nowhere for them to nest.

The local Little Owl was not at all interested in the spectacle.

The owl near the Henry Moore sculpture was looking remarkably imperious considering she is only eight inches tall.

Jays waited to be fed all the way round the Long Water.

A Rose-Ringed Parakeet in the Rose Garden had effortlessly ripped the lid off a peanut feeder to get inside.

One of the Dunnocks waited under the other feeder for some seeds to be spilt.

The many Robins in the Rose Garden are all singing fit to bust.

The Coal Tits in the leaf yard remain painfully shy, and are chased off by the larger tits. It takes some time to entice one down to the railings to take a pine nut.

The Blue Tits have no problem. Though smaller than Great Tits, they are fierce enough to see them off.

The bold Wren in the Flower Walk was foraging in a flower bed.

A Pied Wagtail rustled through dead leaves in its endless search for insects.


  1. Once more, what a successful impersonation of the loveliest pair of fuzzy slippers the Grebes are doing!

    The owl near the Henry Moore statue is very Queen Victoria like, right? Small, round, but perfectly majestic and imposing.