Sunday 16 April 2017

The last remaining Grey Wagtail landed on the fallen horse chestnut in the Long Water when I was photographing a terrapin.

The nearest colony of these birds, as far as I know, is on the north bank of the Thames next to the Chelsea railway bridge, two miles away and not near enough to repopulate the park easily.

But it's the same distance to Regent's Park, and we have a constant exchange of Red-Crested Pochards with the population there. This fine picture of some drakes chasing a female is by Virginia.

We also share our Grey Herons, and sometimes they can be seen flying over Oxford Street in their way between one park and the other. This one was peering intently into a floral border near the Diana fountain. Probably there was a mouse among the plants.

Another decided that a Coot nest at Peter Pan was a good place to stand and watch for fish, and turfed out the Coot. Another excellent picture by Virginia.

But the Coots often have the upper hand. This is one of the pair nesting next to the bridge, which decided that a Mallard had come too near its nest.

The Coot nesting on the platform of Bluebird Boats is still refusing to budge from its nest, no matter what goes on next to it.

The family on the raft at the east end of the Serpentine are still being fed by their parents -- thanks to Virginia for this picture too.

They were wandering around in the open, a dangerous thing to do with Herring Gulls circling overhead.

Several gulls in succession swooped down on this floating object. But it was only a bit of plastic.

The Egyptian Goose family near the bridge have lost three goslings, probably to gulls. But the three blond ones are still with us. Here is one next to a normal coloured chick.

Blondie's family are now large enough to be safe from gulls, though dogs remain a constant danger till they can fly.

A Wren was hopping around in the reeds at the east end of the Serpentine.

A Blackcap sang near the bridge.

A Long-Tailed Tit perched momentarily on the topmost branch of a tree.


  1. When do the Reed Warblers at the park generally start arriving Ralph?
    The first in the country have just started coming in now, so I was just wondering when the first few arrived there?

    1. They should arrive here at the same time as anywhere else -- that is, now. Hoping to hear one at any moment.

  2. I have been told that there is a breeding pair of Grey Wagtails around Baker Street. I've seen birds in Regents Park and in Paddington Street Gardens in Marylebone. In previous years I've also seen them around Charing Cross Station and nesting in the walls of the Barbican Tube station

    1. They like to be near water, so Baker Street is rather a surprise -- though the Tyburn flows over the Underground platform in a big pipe.