Monday, 4 July 2016

A Little Egret flew over the Long Water, heading south. Their numbers are increasing but they are still rare in Central London. Two were seen at Hammersmith Bridge on Friday.

A Grey Heron was climbing very tentatively down a duckboard into one of the Italian Garden ponds. Herons are very agile when landing in trees, but it was clearly nervous of the slippery slope and hanging on to the rungs with its toes. It soon gave up and flew away.

There was a new Mallard family at Peter Pan, with four ducklings.

A Herring Gull in the water a few feet away was looking at them hungrily.

The brown Mallard drake had come down from the Round Pond. This looks like a sepia photograph, but he really is that colour.

The Black Swan was preening on the edge of the Serpentine.

The single Great Crested Grebe chick and its father were also preening in unison.

A Pied Wagtail on the edge of the Round Pond was collecting insects for its young. I think they nest in the stonework of Kensington Palace, as I have seen them flying up to the roof of the central block.

A young Blackbird near the Serpentine Gallery was chasing its mother, calling to be fed.

The young Magpies are almost grown up, with quite long tails and fine iridescent feathers, but they still have a slightly fluffy look.

One of the Little owlets from the oak tree near the Albert Memorial was in a chestnut tree southwest of the nest tree.

Another was calling from an oak nearby, but I couldn't see it.

The male Little Owl from the chestnut tree near the leaf yard was on his usual branch.

We wish he would choose a place where he was easier to photograph.

The first Giant Puffballs of the year are out near the northwest corner of the bridge.


  1. Is the little Owlet looking directly at you? He seems to be fascinated by the camera.

    That young Magpie is looking very handsome, but not as handome as the Black Swan with his lovely petticoat-style white feathers.

    1. Yes, the owlet really is looking at me, with grave suspicion. It doesn't like being looked at, and it doesn't like cameras being pointed at it. But one has to get photographs, and maybe it will get used to people in a bit. The owlets in the tree near the leaf yard are pretty calm about people, and always have been.

  2. Hi Ralph
    What time did you see the Little Egret please?
    Thank you

    1. 12.37 pm. It was heading south along the line of the Long Water.