Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Black Swan is keeping his place on the Long Water, and was with his girlfriend 100 yards inside the bridge that marks the boundary.

He threatened a Mute Swan that wanted to come under the bridge.

His threat display, with lowered head, is not like that of Mute Swans, but the swans on the lake now understand it, and are probably wary of it because this little creature punches above his weight. It is quite like the threat display of Canada Geese, here seen on the Serpentine during a territorial displute with another pair.

Blondie the Egyptian Goose was standing peacefully with her mate. She is a very mild-mannered bird and I have never seen her threatening anyone.

The Coots' nest on the Long Water near the Vista is noticeably larger than it was yesterday.

The Great Crested Grebes nesting near the bridge were exchanging greetings.

A Wood Pigeon in the leaf yard stared curiously at the camera.

Just up the fence from here, two Nuthatches were coming down to the railings to be fed.

A Treecreeper was running up a birch tree at the uphill corner of the enclosure.

One of the Little Owls was in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial, enjoying a mild sunny spell.


  1. Funny thing, Coots' taste in interior decoration. One is hard pressed to know whether they are better (I use the term very loosely) architects or decorators.

    What is the Girlfriend doing in the picture? She looks menacing, but that cannot certainly be.

    1. Coots like shiny nest ornaments. Silver and gold are the best, but red is also popular. The blue packet here will have to do till something brighter turns up.

      The girlfriend is just preening. I caught her in the act of snapping on a feather that needed attention.

  2. Nice little article about Medieval falconry Ralph - explaining the significant role that hunting with birds played - and not just for getting something for dinner!

  3. Do you think that the black swan is heading for a showdown with the dominant swans on the Long Water?

    1. That may be his ambition. Fulfilling it is another matter. As you can see from today's blog, he has returned to the Serpentine.