Saturday, 28 November 2015

The rowan trees on Buck Hill were a scene of furious activity, with Mistle Thrushes flying in to eat the berries ...

and rattling loudly at each other and at the other birds in the tree, which included Blackbirds ...

... and Starlings.

At the bottom of the hill a foraging flock of Long-Tailed Tits were carrying a Goldcrest along with them, and I managed to snatch one distant and poor-quality shot of it before it moved on.

A Pied Wagtail poking for bugs in a puddle beside the Serpentine was ruffled by the wind, with choppy waves breaking in the background.

A Carrion Crow landed on one of the gas lamps beside the lake, causing the loose top to tip over so the bird nearly lost its balance.

The Black Swan was near the Diana fountain again. He had a good stretch.

A couple of hundred yards along the shore we found the Canada-Greylag hybrid goose which has problems with balance. As we approached, a dog ran at it and it flew into the water, which is a relief as we had thought it was unable to fly. It becomes quite brisk and normal when you feed it, and was even seeing off a Carrion Crow that was trying to take its food.

Two Tufted Ducks were diving near Peter Pan.

Mallards may be common, but they make a pretty picture with a background of dead leaves.


  1. I wish my 'poor quality' shots looked like what you get.
    Mine normally are smudges of colour!
    Excellent pictures as usual!

    1. Thanks. But that is really not a good picture.