Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Grey Heron in the Dell was enjoying a rat.

The rat was not enjoying its last moments. This fine photograph was taken by Virginia Grey.

On the roof of the Dell restaurant, the young Lesser Black-Backed Gull was still pestering the adults for food -- these are the notorious pigeon-eating pair. Although the female adult was ignoring it and keeping some distance away, I really think they must be its parents.

Three of the four rowan trees on Buck Hill were busy with Blackbirds and Mistle Thrushes.

The fourth tree is the private property of a pair of Magpies, who occupy it even when there are no berries.

The Reed Warblers can still be seen in the reed bed near the bridge.

While I was waiting for one of them to come out, the male Cetti's warbler suddenly sang from inside the reed bed. Of course he didn't show himself. Perhaps if they manage to build up a little colony in the park they will become more relaxed about humans. This has happened with the Reed Warblers, which are now quite calm about having camersa pointed at them.

A convolvulus flower in front of the reeds was getting a lot of attention from a bee, which kept returning to the flower and walking round and round the stamen.

There was a group of Red-Crested Pochards on the Long Water. Here are three males on the right, and three females on the left. Even when the drakes are in eclipse, as they are now, they are recognisable by their red eyes and bills.

The Great Crested Grebe chicks from the nest on the fallen poplar were being fed on the far side of the lake.

One of the Little owlets was looking out rather dozily from the nest tree. They are beginning to get white spots on their head like the adults.

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