Wednesday 28 January 2015

The bird feeder between Kensington Palace and the Sunken Garden is doing roaring business. It was visited by a Dunnock and a Blue Tit ...

... while some Goldfinches waited in a tree for their turn.

Kensington Palace is closed till the end of the month, so there are fewer people around than usual. This gave free range to the little birds in the ornamental holly trees in front of the Orangery. A Wren was poking around beside one of them ...

... and a Robin had pulled up a small worm.

The small birds in the leaf yard were very hungry on a cold morning with an icy north wind. Great and Blue Tits and a single Coal Tit (top left) collected in a tree and came down to my hand in an orderly queue.

Occasionally two came down at once and there were indignant squeaks as they avoided a collision.

There were also two Nuthatches, which zoom down to the railings, scattering the other birds, and speed away as fast as they have come.

The wind had raised choppy waves on the Round Pond, which were breaking over the edge. This didn't deter a Pied Wagtail, which dodged the waves simply by taking off, causing it to be blown away in the opposite direction.

The male Tawny Owl seems to have settled into a habit of spending the day inside his tree and not coming out till it is getting dark. This makes it hard to get a good picture of him.

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