Thursday 25 December 2014

A very happy Christmas to all readers.

On a sunny day the park was crowded, so there was not much to see. But a pair of Cormorants at the island were having a rare moment of affection.

One of the young Herring Gulls was trying to walk along the line of buoys at the edge of the Lido swimming area. Every time it stepped on one, the buoy revolved, and it had to jump on to the next one. After it had fallen into the water twice it gave up this frustrating pursuit.

The odd little Greylag Goose with white-flecked feathers was playing with a dead leaf.

A Blackbird near the Rima relief had found a large pile of fallen leaves swept up by the gardeners, and was rummaging briskly in them looking for insects.

Nearby, two Ring-Necked Parakeets were trying unsuccessfully to get into a feeder.

A first-year Grey Heron, still mostly in pale grey plumage, was waiting patiently on the small rock next to the Italian Garden for a fish to swim by.

And a Great Crested Grebe was doing what a grebe does best: resting.

The day wouldn't have been complete without seeing the male Tawny Owl peacefully dozing in his usual place on the nest tree.


  1. The bottom three pictures are particularly pleasing. The heron shot is stunning. And of course, my absolute favourite - a Grebe, in repose, Here a tiny wren rummaged in my pots, valeting them ready for Spring. And an understated pair of Dunnocks pottered about on the ground picking up the overflow from the bird feeders. :)

  2. merry xmas ralph. & to all KGHPBB.
    the park was as busy as a normal weekend today! it's got to be v popular xmas day stroll.
    was delighted to see one of the coal tits by the railing of the leaf yard. i see what you mean about them being timid. it looked on as larger birds swooped down, but i was delighted when it actually plucked up courage to pick up a pine nut from the railing. i'm learning! :-) then flew off immediately to the other side of the wooded area away from the other birds & humans.
    Mark W2

  3. Merry Christmas Ralph & thanks for your wonderful daily updates.

  4. merry xmas from me too, and keep up the good work; it's been a daily joy.

  5. Merry Xmas, Ralph & congratulations on reaching 1,000. Your blogs are a wonderful daily connection to the park for those of us who can't always get there ourselves. Paul Armstrong

  6. Merry Christmas Ralph. Thanks for your blog. I love your observations of the behaviour of the common birds that are so often overlooked.

  7. Thank you all for your good wishes, and all the best to you for the New Year.