Monday, 19 May 2014

There is another Mute Swans' nest, in a strange place at the back of the Lido swimming area under the iron footbridge.

It seems unlikely to succeed in this open public place, but people are frightened of swans and may keep their distance.

The House Martins' nests on the Kuwaiti embassy were full of activity. This nest was attended by two birds, so probably they haven't laid any eggs yet and are still renovating last year's nest.

The Long-Tailed Tits are way ahead of them and their young are out and flying around. Here one of them takes a small green grub from its parent.

All three Tawny Owlets were visible, but not showing very well. Here is the best view I could get of two of them.

Their mother was seen flying out of one of the plane trees lining the adjacent path, two trees north of the one opposite the owlets' tree.

Sad to say, the Little Owls have lost another chick. It was hanging half out of the nest hole. Evidently it had died inside and been pushed out. It was a miserable sight and I am not publishing the photograph I took.

In a nearby dead tree a Mallard was imitating an Egyptian Goose by perching on top and quacking loudly. It was not at all clear why it was doing this.

A Carrion Crow was having a bath in the marble fountain at the Italian Garden.

It was a prolonged and splashy session, and the bird flew in and out of the upper basins several times. They can fly just as well when soaking wet.

At the east end of the Serpentine, a Moorhen was economically scavenging the last bits of meat out of half a crayfish, which presumably had been bisected and mostly eaten by a big gull.

The Coots nesting at Peter Pan now have two chicks. I only managed to see one of them when I passed.

Two male Reed Warblers were singing in the reed bed near the Diana fountain.


  1. Ralph, can you be sure the adult Long-Tailed Tit was a parent and not a helper?

    And at risk of a passé comment, are the House Martins increasing the volume of Kuwaiti soil?? Jim n.L.

    1. No, I can't be sure that the Long-Tailed Tit was a parent, but it was certainly a relative, as their little bands are extended families.

      I thought I was passé, but don't understand about Kuwaiti soil. Fortunately the building has a porch, so they won't soil the Kuwaiti ambassador, who came out and drove away in his official car while I was taking the picture. So far I have not been beaten up by security men from either embassy.