Tuesday, 18 February 2014

There were at least 50 Redwings in the avenue of large plane trees at the east end of Hyde Park, parallel to Park Lane. This area is not fenced off and the birds were aware of this, so it was impossible to get within 50 yards of them when they were feeding on the ground.

On the other hand, this Mistle Thrush was too busy hauling up a worm to take any notice of my approach.

A Song Thrush was singing loudly in a tree near the Serpentine Bridge.

And a Blackbird on the other side of the bridge was finishing the last of a crop of berries.

There was a Blackbird singing yesterday in this area. They start later than the other thrushes.

A pity that there was no sign of a Fieldfare, which would have brought the total of thrushes up to five. But they have been very scarce in the park this year.

Some Mandarins have reappeared on the Long Water.

I saw two males and a female, all near Peter Pan. I don't think they come and go to any great extent; they can sometimes be seen under a bush on the opposite side of the lake, and it seems likely that when they are not visible they are lurking inside this bush, on land, as Mandarins often do.

The male Tawny Owl was dozing in his usual place on the nest tree.

Elizabeth reports having seen the female owl with him in the same place at sunset yesterday, emerging from the hole at the back of the balcony to encourage her mate to go off and find some mice for her -- and, we hope, for the recently hatched owlets.

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  1. There were three male Mandarin, standing on posts opposite the Peter Pan statue, and one female nearby in the water, as I walked home at about 5.45pm on Monday afternoon.