Monday 23 December 2013

A day of strong wind and constant rain. I was going to say 'lovely weather for ducks', but even these Shovellers had tired of being buffeted and had sheltered under the trees on the lee side of the island.

Most of the gulls had also got their feet on the ground. When they took off they found that they had to fly strongly to avoid going backwards.  However, the Moorhen family who nested under the jetty at Bluebird Boats regard this area as their property, and trot around knocking Black-Headed Gulls into the air.

For the Cormorants, fishing in the relatively calm water in the shelter of the bridge, it was business as usual. Here a perch sees the last of the light of day as the bird deftly revolves it before swallowing it head first.

The male Tawny Owl was also in his usual place on the balcony on the downwind side of the pair's nest tree, looking a little rain-spotted but perfectly content.

The picture had to be taken in a hurry before the upturned camera lens was obscured by raindrops.

The Carrion Crows were taking advantage of the puddles to dunk the biscuits I gave them.

Apologies for this short and dull post, but it was really not a day to stay out on.


  1. Your posts may or may not be short, but they are certainly never dull!
    Merry Christmas to all.

    1. Thank you. And a very happy Christmas and a splendid New Year to you and all readers.

  2. Yes Merry Christmas and Happy New year Ralph, I am a regular (daily) reader and occasional weekend visitor to the park Keep up the excellent posts Chris H

  3. and a happy solstice to all! (i.e since Saturday was the shortest day, the days are starting to get longer again).
    Keep up the good work Ralph!