Saturday, 14 September 2013

The elusive Little Grebe appeared again today, in deep shadow under a bush on the far side of the Long Water. Wish it would come up to the Italian Garden so I could get a proper photograph of this charming little bird.

There were several Swallows over Kensington Gardens, on their way to Africa. I didn't hear any Hobbies again today, so it seems that they have accompanied the Swallows (and, from a Swallow's point of view, not in a good way).

Large foraging flocks of Long-Tailed Tits are becoming more noticeable. Although they are permanent residents they seem to quieten down in summer, and then become more audible and visible in winter when, of course, the leafless trees make it easier to see them.

Another sign of the onset of autumn is that the Blue Tits, Great Tits and Robins are becoming noticeably keener on being fed, as the supply of insects begins to dwindle. I had crowds of them flying down to my hand at the leaf yard.

The family of Great Crested Grebes with three chicks, which had stayed out in the middle of the lake or huddled close to the reed bed, obligingly came right across to the terrace of the Lido restaurant. Here they are, clustering against their father to avoid harassment by gulls.

It was their mother's turn to catch fish for them, and she was having to work hard to feed all three. Here she interrupts her hunt to have a good shake.

The patriotic nest at Peter Pan was occupied by a dozing Mallard.

The Coots who built it have finally lost interest in it as their one surviving chick is nearly full grown, and the nest now provides a perch for any bird that passes.


  1. i'm amazed you got any shots at all today given the triathlon being held there today. i would have thought it would have frightened everything into hiding?
    i also hope that little grebe pops out a bit more. better luck next time. thanks
    Mark W2

    1. Yes, it is a bit tricky and I'm having to climb barriers when the officials aren't looking. But there's only one more day to go before the giant jamboree closes. We still have to get rid of the concert enclosure and whatever they are doing in the favela beside the Albert Memorial. And soon it will be time for the vile Winter Wonderland.