Monday 15 April 2013

There is a big influx of Northern Wheatear in London at the moment, with an amazing 44 reported in Richmond Park. We had seven of them, four at the playground on Buck Hill, and three on the Parade Ground. I saw the latter, but the barriers made it impossible to get close enough for an adequate picture.

Des reports a Sedge Warbler singing in the southeast corner of the park near Apsley House, a place where it is hard to hear anything because of the noise of the traffic roaring around Hyde Park Corner, and two Yellow Wagtails flying over the park.

The Grey Wagtails, seen only occasionally in recent weeks, have reappeared in the Dell, where they usually nest under the little plank bridge. With luck, they will not have been deterred by the devastation caused by the gardeners, and will nest there again. Here one of the pair is bathing at the top of the waterfall.

The female Tawny Owl was in the same bay tree as yesterday on the north side of the Flower Walk.

The owlets were in the other tall evergreen a few yards to the east, visible but not in positions that made a good photograph.

The Egyptian Geese had added a new routine to their usual game of standing in pairs on the top of a tree and honking loudly. There were four pairs near the Round Pond who were trying to knock each other off the trees. Here is a successful attack.

The number of Shovellers on the Long Water is down to four as they leave for northern Europe. However, more Gadwalls have arrived and today there were seven of them.

There is still a Little Grebe on the Round Pond -- or at least I have only seen one in the past few days, though there were two before that.

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