Thursday, 6 April 2017

The pair of Grey Herons on the lowest nest on the island were staring earnestly into their nest. I haven't yet heard the chattering call of young herons begging for food. Probably they have to grow a bit larger before they start calling.

At shore level on the island, a Coot objected to a Canada Goose which had walked on to what it considered was its basket. It was the Canada that gave way and jumped into the water.

A Great Crested Grebe caught a perch near the Lido.

A Gadwall drake cruised by.

The Egyptian Goose family from the Lido were taking a turn on the water.

Blondie's family were on the shore, staying still for once in a comfortable heap.

The Round Pond family were also taking it easy.

A pair of Mute Swans are nesting near the bridge, and have ornamented their nest with a red canvas bag.

There were Blackcaps all round the Long Water, singing or just mooching about.

The white-faced Blackbird near the Italian Garden came out to be given a bit of digestive biscuit.

A few yards away, a man was doing a painting of the marble fountain. It looked as if it was going to be good.

One of the Coal Tits near the bridge nibbled a pine nut.

A first visit to the oak tree near the Albert Memorial didn't find a Little Owl, but there was a Treecreeper on the next tree.

The owl appeared at the second visit, tempted out by the warm sunshine.

Today is the fifth anniversary of this blog. The first picture I put on it, on 6 April 2012, was of the male Little Owl near the leaf yard. He's still there -- he was seen yesterday -- but wouldn't come out to mark the occasion. So here's a picture I took of him last month.

Not long before the blog started, the renovation work on the Italian Garden was completed and the ponds, which had been drained, were refilled. Soon afterwards fish appeared in them, evidently coming from eggs brought in on the feet of birds. This carp is now 18 inches long.


  1. Congrats with the blog Ralph!
    And plenty more great posts to come assured

  2. yes,happy "bithday" ralph.. long may it continue !....

  3. Happy Blogversary, Ralph! (is that a word?) Many, many thanks for the excellent entertainment you provide daily. I hope your readers' admiration and gratitude will alleviate a bit the many labours, and the cold, and the tiredness that you must surely sometimes experience in your daily tour of the park.

    Here is to the chance to continue to enjoy your wonderful gift for words and for pictures for many,many years.

    1. Thank you all for your kind words. It's been a pleasure doing the blog, and I have made many friends.

  4. Dear Ralph, Congratulations on the anniversary. Every post lifts my day and your inexhaustible supply of natural history (and classical!) knowledge always inspires me. When I walk through the park, I try to look as if through your eyes and am always rewarded. Thank you. Lida