Friday, 14 April 2017

The Mute Swans nesting at the east end of the Lido now have eggs ...

... four of them.

Thanks to Virginia for these pictures. I haven't yet seen them standing up. The female swan's wings are looking tatty from nesting next to the net, but she can probably preen the feathers back into working order.

The Egyptian Geese under the Henry Moore sculpture have managed to keep four goslings, quite a feat in this place full of Carrion Crows and Grey Herons.

Blondie and her family were having a wash and brush-up.

The Bar-Headed Goose appeared on the Serpentine again. It is a wonderfully smart bird, with its sharp monochrome feathers set off by natty yellow bill and feet.

The Coots on the raft at the east end of the Serpentine have five chicks.

The nest on the post at Peter Pan has now been built up to a remarkable height considering that the whole structure is balanced on a few inches of submerged chain.

Another pair of Coots are madly nesting on the landing stage of Bluebird boats. The cleat on the left is needed for mooring the electric boat, and the staff, who really care about birds, are wondering what to do.

The Great Crested Grebe on the nest at the east end of the island was passing the time by rearranging leaves on the nest.

A grebe on the Long Water made a sudden lunge and caught a midge flying low over the water.

There are a lot of midges this year, and they have become a staple food for the Robins' nestlings.

A Blackcap was singing near the Italian Garden.

A Magpie came down to drink at the edge of a reed bed.

During a brief sunny spell the female Little Owl at the Albert Memorial came out to make the most of the warmth.

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