Wednesday, 13 July 2016

It's a tough life being a Grey Heron. When the Mute Swans aren't harassing you ...

... a Black-Headed Gull is having a go.

The young heron from the island had found the ornamental rock in the Long Water near the Italian Garden, and was enjoying a moment's peace.

The Black Swan had also found a quiet spot in the swimming area of the Lido, and was scratching his ear meditatively.

This picture was taken through a hole in the plywood gate which screens the area off from the non-paying public.

The solitary Mallard duckling had survived another dangerous day and had found its mother.

The Common Tern was still circling the Round Pond, pausing to hover over the likely places for fish.

It caught one and flew off to eat it privately, away from the gulls.

On the edge of the pond, a young Pied Wagtail had caught a Common Blue damselfly.

A young Rose-Ringed Parakeet at the leaf yard was begging for food from its parent, bobbing its head and uttering staccato screeches. It got no response. The young birds are already taking food from people's hands.

Near the Albert Memorial, the female Little Owl was out on a branch ...

... and so were both her owlets.

Meadow Brown butterflies usually fold their wings as soon as they land, but this one was kind enough to display its quietly beautiful markings, with eye spots to fool a predator into thinking it's a Little Owl.


  1. I think that is the bigger prey I have ever seen a Wagtail catch.

    Poor Heron. Stop being a dinosaur and this is what you get.

  2. Replies
    1. The Pied Wagtail took some time swallowing it, but down it went.

  3. I saw the same swan hiss angrily at a heron which dared to fly nearish her cygnets - even though it clearly represented no threat to these ever-growing youngsters

    1. Well, if a man carrying a large dagger walks into your nursery, you tend to see it as a threat.