Monday, 13 June 2016

Both Little owlets were sitting out in the drizzle.

Their father was on a neighbouring branch, preening himself.

The second Grey Heron nest on the Serpentine island is very hard to see -- I can't think how Virginia managed to get that excellent photograph I published a few days ago. But by crouching low on the very edge of the water I managed to get a picture of one of the young birds.

An adult Heron had found a foothold on the edge of a clump of purple loosestrife, and was earnestly scanning the water for fish. There are both carp and perch in the ponds.

The Mandarin Duckling was near the bridge again, flapping its fine new wing feathers. It should be able to fly by now, though it will have to learn.

The white Mallard was with his mate near the Dell restaurant, adding a bit of brightness to a very grey day.

The three Moorhen chicks from the nest in the plant rafts near the restaurant terrace were wandering around on their enormous feet.

One of them begged for food too many times, and was chased away by its parent.

But a couple of minutes later it was being fed again.

The Greylag family have kept their nine goslings.They were wandering around the willow trees on the south side of the Serpentine.

Just up the shore, the two families with four and three goslings seem to have united, though it is clear from the way they move around that the goslings know which one is their mother.

The Black Swan's ruffles are regrowing fast and he is almost back to his former splendour.

The Common Terns that were here a few days ago seem to have left. They showed no interest in the tern raft, though probably they arrived too late to be concerned with nesting. So far the raft has hosted a brood of Canada Geese and a pair of Coots, who have built a nest on one of the raft's mooring ropes.

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