Wednesday, 23 March 2016

It seems pretty certain that the Grey Herons' nest on the island is going at last. There were two birds on it, and one of them was bending down and poking at something in the bottom of the nest as if turning eggs.

The heron at the Dell restaurant was being particularly bumptious, standing at a table and waiting to grab a slice of pizza.

The Great Crested Grebes' nest near the bridge is constantly attended, but when the sitting bird stood up I could see that there were no eggs in it.

It's impossible to see into the other nest, at the east end of the island, but it too is constantly occupied.

It would be better if they didn't lay eggs. There are simply not enough small fish to feed the chicks. Midsummer will come and there will be a better chance.

A male Pied Wagtail was hunting at the Lido.

There is something going on at the east end of the Serpentine, with pontoons and divers. Someone told me that a film is being made here. It disturbed the local swans, and many of them have gone on to the Long Water, including the Black Swan's rejected girlfriend number two, who was flirting with an adult male. However, the Black Swan was standing his ground on the raft which he regards as his property.

The Redwings had also been moved by the disturbance, and were on Buck Hill.

This Song Thrush hopped unexpectedly out of a flower bed beside the Diana fountain car park.

A Wren was dashing around in the yew bush between Peter Pan and the Italian Garden.

The Little Owl in the chestnut tree was out on a branch, rather surprisingly as it was a dull grey day.

The owl in the oak tree was lurking at the back of his hole, and opened one eye for a second when I came past and then went back to dozing.

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