Monday, 21 March 2016

A pair of Jackdaws have been on and around the willow tree near the bridge for several days. One of them chased off a Magpie with such ferocity that it seems they are nesting in the tree, which is old and has suitable holes.

One of the Little Owls in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial came out of the hole and stared at us.

And one in the lime tree near the Henry Moore was calling.

While we were admiring the first owl, a Red Kite sailed overhead and headed for Notting Hill, where no doubt there is a superior class of rubbish.

A Carrion Crow was also going through the rubbish in a bin beside the Serpentine, and found a packet of crisps. Crows often dunk dry food to soften it, but this one was carefully washing each crisp in the lake before eating it, evidently to get the salt off.

The Redwings were back on the Parade Ground near the bandstand, which was still being watered but they must have got used to the sprinklers. The water brings up plenty of worms for them.

There were no Pied Wagtails there, but there were plenty on the south shore of the Serpentine.

The grass here is eaten short by geese, which makes it easy for them to run around.

The lowest of the Grey Herons' nests on the island has been occupied for days, and the bird was busily collecting twigs and adding them to the nest. But there is still no sign of serious nesting here.

The three baskets put in the trees on the east side of the Long Water for herons to nest in remain unoccupied.

The Great Crested Grebes have put a few leaves on the end of the raft at the east end of the Serpentine, and seem to consider this a nest. But while I was there a Mute Swan which was too big to swim through the gap walked over it.

The Black Swan went on to the Long Water with girlfriend number one, and continued quite far up the lake. He must have been chased off by the resident male Mute Swan, because later I saw him on the Serpentine in a very bad mood, chasing several swans for long distances.

He was also with girlfriend number two, for the first time in many days, and there was no sign of number one. Maybe the swan on the Long Water chased her off in another direction.

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