Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Great Crested Grebe family on the Long Water had left their nest and were in a willow tree opposite Peter Pan. There are three chicks.

Here one of them gets fed.

Two of the grebe chicks on the Serpentine were wrestling while their father looked on indulgently.

The second nest built by the Coots in the Italian Garden is being used as a place to park the chicks, though they would be safer in their original nest in the clump of irises. There are still five of them. The other two were chasing their parents demanding food.

The pair of Mistle Thrushes that nest near the Serpentine Gallery have also bred successfully. I saw one young one with its parents. It didn't come near enough to be photographed, so this is an adult.

Here is a young Blackbird in the Flower Walk. They are shapeless and awkward until they grow up into elegant adults.

The young Reed Warblers were not in the reeds. One was in a holly tree 50 yards from the nest, and the other was poking around in a bramble patch.

The male Cetti's Warbler is still singing occasionally, and i heard him this morning. He was in his usual area halfway between the bridge and the Vista.

One of the young Little Owls was in a dark corner of the nest tree ...

... and its father was in an equally dark place on the other side of the tree.


  1. Charming grebe/grebelet pictures, thank you Ralph.

    1. Thanks. There's not much going on otherwise, so I'm depending on them.

  2. Dear Ralph,
    Thank you for the image, unfortunately it's the wrong blackbird. The image I would like is the one of a blackbird pecking moss from December 5th, 2014

    Best wishes,