Tuesday, 7 April 2015

There is excellent news about the Cetti's Warbler. Yesterday Paul Turner heard a female answering the male in the usual place near the bridge. And this morning Paul and Des McKenzie heard a second singing male near the Italian Garden -- so far it's uncertain whether this one has a mate as well. With luck this species, which is becoming commoner nationwide, may become permanently resident in the park.

Paul managed to get a quick picture of the first singing male, taken in difficult circumstances through a bush with the light behind it. But as far as I know this is the first picture of a Cetti to be taken in the park. Let's hope we see more of them soon.

The Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the leaf yard are making themselves heard. This one was just outside the yard in a tree at the southwest corner.

There was a Treecreeper near the Physical Energy statue. You never know when or where these shy little birds will crop up. It is useless going to find one, they just happen every now and then.

The Scaup, who had retreated out of sight during the Bank Holiday weekend, was back at the east end of the Serpentine. He wouldn't come into shore, so here is a rather distant shot of him scratching his ear.

The outside tables of the Dell restaurant were packed with people eating barbecued burgers, and the resident Grey Heron was waiting on a post at the edge of the terrace, hoping that someone would leave a table with some scraps so that it could leap down and grab them. This bird has become ridiculously bold.

The Egyptian Goose family at the Lido lost one of their young yesterday, and are down to seven. They are looking after them as well as they can ...

... but the babies will keep wandering off into the flower beds.

The male Little Owl appeared briefly in the tree where he was seen yesterday, next to last year's nest tree.


  1. Great news about the Cetti. I heard it over the last few days and on Monday it was singing when a Chiffchaff also started to sing in the same area. I managed to see the Chiffchaff high in a tall tree out on a single limb. Also that day I saw 3 Brimstone Butterflies go by, one with a female. Paul's photo of the Cetti shows well the rounded end to their tail. The woodpeckers are also great news so I hope the noisy ring necks do not disturb their nesting. Thank you Ralph for this news and I hope all goes well for the Cetties. MARIE

  2. Everyone is absolutely delighted. If only these little birds knew how many friends they have.