Monday, 6 April 2015

On a sunny Bank Holiday the park was thronged with people, and many of the usual birds had retreated. But a pair of Canada Geese were mating on the Serpentine, undisturbed by the pedalos passing them.

It was a good day for woodpeckers. A pair of Green Woodpeckers near the Tawny Owls' tree, which were first seen in the same horse chestnut tree, separated. One of them stayed put and picked several holes in the bark, looking for insects.

The other moved to a nearby plane tree and seemed to be part of the way through excavating a new nest hole.

There is already a fresh nest hole on the other side of the owls' tree. Maybe there are two pairs in this area.

One of the Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the leaf yard was drumming, and was briefly visible before it moved to another tree out of sight.

At a lower level, one of the Coal Tits was waiting to be fed.

We aren't seeing so much of this pair now. To judge by hearing the male's song, they have moved to the other side of the leaf yard, towards the Italian Garden.

A small flock of Goldfinches was chattering in a tree nearby.

There were now twelve Mute Swans on the reed raft at the east end of the Serpentine. They have trodden the reeds flat.

The male Little Owl was outside on the tree just uphill from the pair's nest tree.

In fact all recent sightings of Little Owls have been on this tree, and it is possible that they have moved to it permanently and intend to nest there this year. But they won't start nesting until later this month at the earliest.

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