Sunday, 19 April 2015

An adult Tawny Owl has been seen in daylight. Johanna van de Woestijne found him at 11 this morning in a tree next to the nest tree. But when I went to the place later, he had moved and I couldn't find him. This means that we can start looking for owlets in a reasonab;ly small area instead of the whole of Kensington Gardens.

The male Little Owl did consent to appear briefly in his usual tree hole.

A Jackdaw flew out in front of the great golden spire of the Albert Memorial to demand a peanut. It was soon joined by others.

On a chilly day, the young Egyptian Geese at the Lido were huddled up on the lee side of their mother.

Today's Middle Eastern snack for the Feral Pigeons was couscous. They liked it and, perhaps unsurprisingly, so did the Egyptians.

However, pigeons are not in the slightest interested in strawberries.

At the Round Pond, a pair of Coots have nested on the platform with a solar panel on top. I have no idea what electrical gadget is in the box on the left. It doesn't look like a weather recording station.

On the Serpentine, the female white Mallard was being pursued by three drakes.

She was chased all over the lake before she managed to elude them by flying through a tree.

The Great Crested Grebes' nest on the Long Water, under the willow near the bridge, has now been reoccupied for several days. It is impossible to photograph through the leaves but can be seen clearly enough. One of the grebes went under the bridge on to the Serpentine and was quckly noticed by the pair who own that part of the lake, and there was a good deal of threatening. Here the Serpentine pair are putting on a display of solidarity.

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