Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Great Spotted Woopdpecker was heard drumming in the leaf yard, and after some searching it appeared high in one of the trees.

The female Little Owl was briefly on view in the chestnut tree just uphill from the pair's nest tree. I couldn't get close before she retired into the hole.

As I was looking over the parapet of the Italian Garden a Little Grebe suddenly skittered from one side of the lake to the other, and I  just managed to catch it in the frame before it vanished under a bush.

At the far end of the Serpentine the Great Crested Grebes were peacefully resting side by side.

The reed raft here has more Mute Swans on it every day. Today there were seven, with others cruising around.

Round the corner near the Lido restaurant, the Scaup was giving the Tufted Ducks a hard time. It doesn't just pick on smaller birds -- it will also see off a Mallard.

There are still eight young Egyptian Geese at the Lido, though there may not be for long. Only their mother was looking after them, and she was letting them straggle all down the shore.

This contrasts with the family at the Round Pond, where both parents stay with them and keep them closely bunched up, herding them into the water the moment a dog appears.

People do feed the pigeons with strange leftovers. This was a takeaway carton of saffron rice with mixed vegetables.


  1. Lovely picture of the Great Crested Grebes in repose. The way they rest their heads back into the softness of their own plumage is really delightful.

    1. When a pair is resting side by side it reminds me of a pair of bedroom slippers.

    2. Hee hee. Yes, I see what you mean :)