Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Tawny owlets had moved away from their usual lime tree, and were now only a few yards from the southwest corner of the leaf yard. Here the smallest one is perched in a chestnut tree, calling for food. Its mother was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she was away hunting.

After a few minutes it flew into a birch tree. But the noise or the movement had attracted a couple of Carrion Crows which started harassing it, not daring to get within reach of those razor-sharp claws but flying past and trying to make it fall off its perch.

Despite some nasty moments the owlet stayed put. I was with Paul Turner, who threw a peanut -- the only thing he had -- at the attacking crow. It was a very near miss, and enough to frighten the crow off.

The owlet flew to a lime tree, and seemed to settle down quite soon after its unpleasant experience.

Paul stayed on guard under the tree for some time. When I left, the crow had not returned.

The male Little Owl was in his usual chestnut tree, but everything was peaceful there.

Several families of Blue Tits were dashing around in the leaf yard. The fledgelings look slightly larger than their parents because they are fluffier.

The largest number of rabbits seen so far under the Henry Moore sculpture is 26. A Magpie was taking a close interest in one of them ...

... causing it to flee in panic.

Magpies and Crows alike simply can't resist causing trouble.

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