Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Tawny Owl family are still in the lime tree near the path. The female was looking sleepy but magnificent ...

... and one of her three owlets was on a branch near her.

Another was preening itself on the other side of the tree.

Some people have told me that they have had trouble finding this tree. The simplest way is probably to go to the path between the Speke obelisk and the statue of Physical Energy. Exactly halfway between the two there is a bench on the west side of the path. Look across the path, to the east, and you will see a small track trodden in the grass. Walk down this track about 15 ft and look left. You will see a hornbeam tree. There may be an owlet in it. Go past this tree, walking parallel to the tarmac path, i.e. north. The next tree in the avenue lining the path is a lime. The female owl and all three owlets were in this today.

The male Little Owl was also visible in the tall lime tree next to his nest tree. Here he glances around, disturbed by the scream of a Jay.

He has a favourite branch which he has been using for some days. It can be from the south side of the nest tree. There is a large gap in the foliage in the middle of this tree, inside which are two branches coming out of the left side of the trunk, the upper one angled upwards, the lower one curving gently down. He is usually on the latter, rather towards the tip.

The Coots' nest next to the swan nest on the Long Water is hatching out. I saw four chicks and two eggs still to hatch. It is hard seeing anything through the reeds even with two eyes, and almost impossible with the single eye of a camera, but here is a glimpse of a newly hatched chick.

A Grey Heron was on the grass around the Henry Moore sculpture, prowling up and down the hedge and peering in attentively.

I have seen herons hunting rats here, but I think this one may have been after the baby rabbits that are often seen hopping in and out of this hedge. I saw 25 rabbits on this square of grass yesterday, of all sizes from adult to newborn.

The five new cygnets were out on the Serpentine with their parents, attracting admiration and bread.

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  1. Great catch with the female Tawny Owl and and Owlet in the same frame!