Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The first Blackbird fledglings have appeared. Here is one being fed by its mother under a bush.

She was finding an insect every few seconds and shovelling it into the gaping beak of this very hungry little bird.

The young Starlings, which came out earlier, are now old enough to forage for themselves.

This one was momentarily interested in a shiny bottle cap.

The Coots at Peter Pan now have at least two chicks -- one person said three. Here they are being brought algae by their father, who passes some to the mother so she can feed the other chick.

After a few warm days the lake has an abundant growth of hair algae -- or it may be a water plant, I'm not sure about this. The Mute Swans are eating it but the ducks seem to poke between it to find their usual algae. Even the omnivorous Moorhens seem to be ignoring it.

A Red Crested Pochard drake had got too near to another drake's mate, and was chased away.

The male Little Owl was in the lime tree next to his nest tree, on his current favourite branch.

The Tawny owlets were lined up in their usual lime tree.

There was no sign of the female. She seems to have found her former perch a bit exposed to the public gaze, and has gone to another tree.

The even more exposed Mute Swans' nest under the Lido footbridge has now been roped off and given a large and forbidding traffic cone.

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