Thursday, 29 May 2014

After yesterday's Carrion Crow attack, it was a relief to see all three Tawny owlets in their usual lime tree. This is the smallest one, resting as if nothing had happened.

Their mother had been seen earlier flying with something quite large in her talons, probably a rat but she vanished before it could be seen clearly.

The Little Owl was on his usual branch in the sweet chestnut tree.

I still don't have any definite news or location for the four Little owlets near the Bayswater Road, but will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

Against the odds, the three Mandarin ducklings have survived. The number of Herring Gulls on the lake has fallen over the past few days, but they are not out of danger by any means.

The Greylag pair were looking after their solitary gosling beside the Serpentine.

The three elder Canada goslings are growing fast. One of them raised its wing to show some new feathers emerging in their blue wrappings, but it will be some time before they can can make a preliminary attempt at flight.

The younger set of Canada goslings are now down to two.

A Gadwall drake was preening his wings, showing an elaborate set of feathers in black, grey, white and brown.

One of the Reed Warblers has moved to the reed bed at the east end of the Serpentine, where he was singing but, as usual, impossible to see.

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  1. Enchanting! - as was a concert we had in church tonight, by a visitng Swedish youth choir, to celebrate the Ascension. Thank you so much, I really do get a lot of vicarious pleasure from following the life of our beloved birds, from a comfortable front seat in your audience!