Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Here is an unremarkable picture of a Black-Headed Gull beside the Serpentine -- but it is wearing a ring with the number ST259575, which shows that it has migrated here from Finland.

It will probably return there fairly soon, as these gulls are usually faithful to their summer and winter grounds. The Finnish gull which also had a later Dutch ring, mentioned a few weeks ago, is an exception. It also wandered between Hyde Park and Regent's Park

This young Herring Gull was eating a Feral Pigeon on the edge of the Serpentine near the Dell restaurant. However, I don't think it has started hunting pigeons. The victim was probably left by one of the two Lesser Black-Backed Gulls that hunt in this area.

On the Parade Ground a Redwing was untroubled by the presence of a squirrel. It didn't move until the squirrel almost trod on it.

The pair of Mandarin Ducks photographed yesterday were still on the Long Water near Peter Pan. For a change, here is the female, quietly elegant in grey and brown.

A familiar pair of Mistle Thrushes which nest in the lime tree avenue west of the Serpentine Gallery were hopping around amicably together. One of them picked up a feather, so maybe the nesting instinct is beginning to assert itself. But it put it down again and went on looking for worms.

A male Greenfinch was singing his peculiar wheezing song at the top of a tree near the Queen's Temple. They are more often heard than seen, and it's hard to get even a bad photograph.

The male Tawny Owl was following his usual schedule of the last few days, not emerging till the late afternoon.

If you want to see him, you should wait until half past three at the earliest.

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