Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Mute Swan family on the Long Water cruised past a Coots' nest. A Coot objected to their closeness ...

... and was sent packing.

But it didn't get nearly as rough treatment as these Coots on the Serpentine, which irritated a swan that was washing.

Another swan with cygnets was teased by mischievous Carrion Crows, and pecked them out of the way.

Two Mallard families seem to be surviving, at least for now. The three ducklings at the island are almost large enough to be out of immediate danger from gulls.

The four on the Long Water have the advantage of cover from the bushes either side of the Peter Pan waterfront. Also, there are fewer gulls on the Long Water than on the Serpentine.

The Great Crested Grebes with two chicks were in front of their nest, which they stole from a pair of Coots, who have now reclaimed it. The Coots were nervous about their presence.

Several Blue Tit fledglings were darting around in a tree beside the bridge.

A parent found a bright green caterpillar for one of them.

The young Great Tits are beginning to come to my hand to be fed. They are still nervous, and I can't get a photograph yet without frightening them away.

It was the turn of the female Little Owl to appear near the leaf yard.

People were collecting insects in the scrub beside the Long Water.

This scrub is now almost as overgrown as it was before it was razed to the ground a few months ago. But we have permanently lost the Cetti's Warbler who used to sing here.

Absolutely nothing happens in this video. I just liked the way the grass shone in the sunlight and swayed in the wind.

Nothing happens in this video either. I just liked the yellow blossom swaying gently.

Update: I've just been told that it's not a laburnum as thought yesterday. It's a Mount Etna broom, Genista aetnensis. The park is full of exotic trees that make identification difficult.


  1. Aha. Live & learn. Thought it looked a bit doubtful.

    1. I know nothing about such things, but this blog has the benefit of expert readers of whom I stand in awe.

    2. We think you're quite good at birds.

  2. When the Winde is Southerly, Ralph assuredly knows a Hawke from a Handsaw.

    1. Constantly in danger of falling into gross error.