Saturday, 24 June 2017

One of the young Grey Wagtails was running along the shore of the Serpentine. Young birds are much less shy than adults, and it went by me inches from my feet.

It was picking small yellow-green larvae out of the detritus on the edge of the water.

The young Great Crested Grebe was fishing busily in the middle of the lake.

There are certainly plenty of small fish to be found. The grebes on the Long Water were constantly bringing them to their chicks.

The Little Grebes were in the same part of the lake. Both these views were shot from the bridge, at some distance.

The Egyptian Geese were at the Vista. They have managed to hang on to six goslings, but these are still small and vulnerable.

The Mallard at Peter Pan was down to two ducklings. She was standing over them protectively on an abandoned Coot nest.

The two young Mandarins are teenagers now, and will be able to fly soon. They look almost exactly like their mother, who is on the right of this picture.

A Mute Swan on the Serpentine was quite pointlessly threatening two Coots which were not particularly near her cygnets.

The Coot nesting near the bridge still has her four eggs.

She lost several of her first clutch, possibly rolling them out of the nest deliberately because they were infertile.

A young Moorhen was running around the terrace of the Lido restaurant, looking for food under the tables.

There are young Magpies everywhere begging for food from their parents.

The number of Magpies in the park is rising fast -- good for them, but bad news for smaller birds.

At least they were too busy with their young to bother the female Little Owl, who was out on a branch all day.

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