Monday, 26 June 2017

Look who's back! The much missed Black Swan has returned to the Serpentine. He saw me and came over for a digestive biscuit.

Then had a preen and went over to the other side of the lake, where someone was feeding the Mute Swans. In his usual style he barged his way to the front.

There is a new brood of five Greylag chicks on the Serpentine.

Their father chased off a Coot that had got too near.

The combined family of Canada Geese took to the water when an irresponsible dog owner let his dog run along the edge. The other two parents stood guard on the shore until the last of the goslings was safe.

The Great Crested Grebes on the Long Water were feeding their family, and there was a good view of them from the bridge. The father is guarding the chicks while the mother brings small fish. The parents will swap roles every half hour or so.

The young grebe on the Serpentine was busy fishing, but was too far out on the lake for a worthwhile photograph.

A Grey Heron saw someone with food near the Henry Moore sculpture, and strode rapidly over.

A Carrion Crow had been bathing in the Long Water, and landed on the grass nearby to preen his wet feathers.

A Blackbird was basking in a patch of sunlight in a shrubbery near the bridge.

There were at least four Reed Warblers flying around the reed bed below, presumably two parents and two chicks.

A Blackcap was ticking loudly in a tree near Peter Pan. He came out on a twig for a few seconds.

The female Little Owl at the leaf yard was out on a branch.

Tom got a better picture of yesterday's Banded Demoiselle than I did -- I was on the wrong side of the reed clump at the time. Here it is.

There are two plum trees beside the Serpentine bearing good fruit, one red, one yellow. The locals know about this, and the plums disappear as soon as they ripen.


  1. Great news about our Black Swan friend! I hope he stays around

  2. Yep great to hear he's back!
    Wonder where he disappeared to

  3. Oh...Happy Day...feel like singing!!! GREAT to see our Black Swan once again!!!

    1. I looked at my pictures from last year and found that he moulted in May, earlier than the Mute Swans So he has not come here to do that, and must have done it elsewhere, possibly in St James's Park though we were never sure that the extra Black Swan seen there in May was him. Anyway, we all hope he stays for a good long time.

  4. Yes, nice to see the return of the Black Swan! I know there's been one at Brent Res for some time- don't know if it's the same bird?