Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Here is part two of Monday's blog: some pictures from Rainham Marshes.

The usual wetland birds included a flock of Shelduck ...

...a Little Egret ....

... and a Redshank.

A Kestrel hovered overhead before diving on to its prey.

There was a Reed Bunting ...

... a Linnet ...

... and a Goldfinch.

Common Lizards could be seen on the boardwalk.

Insects included a longhorn beetle (Update: it's Anaglyptus mysticus) ...

... and a squash bug.

As we were about to go home, a young fox walked across the grass under the visitor centre.


  1. OMG does it get any better than that too?

    1. Well, you've been to Rainham and know what it's like. It's an underappreciated gem.

  2. Longhorn is Anaglyptus mysticus.