Monday, 20 June 2016

Early in a morning of heavy rain it was hard to see anything, let alone photograph it. The Little Owl in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial was barely visible as he sheltered in his nest hole.

Two hours later, there was a better view of one of the owlets in the chestnut tree near the leaf yard, but this was the only member of the family that I could find.

The park was almost deserted and, as I was the only moving object in the landscape, I got some curious stares from various creatures, such as this young Egyptian Goose.

The rabbits near the Henry Moore sculpture normally take no notice of people at all, but even for a rabbit there has to be something to look at.

The Black Swan, alone in the middle of the Serpentine, spotted me and came over for a digestive biscuit.

The Coot nesting on the buoys at the Lido was more interested in a passing early-morning swimmer.

There were five adult Mandarins on the tarmac at the Vista. The duckling came over and joined them.

The Moorhens at the Dell Restaurant had moved their chicks into the plants on one of the rafts. The chicks can get in and out through the mesh, but the adults have to climb over the top of the fence.

Some Egyptian babies were sheltering under their mother.

The rain suits Blackbirds fine, as it brings up worms. This one was singing happily in the leaf yard.

A Song Thrush joined the chorus.

The Long Water was full of heavy splashes caused by large carp surfacing. I don't know what they were doing -- maybe trying to catch insects on the surface.


  1. There is something so endearing in the Black Swan's almost affectionate trust in you, Ralph. No matter what time it is, or what sort of weather it is, it will greet you and have its buiscuit. A warming sight in a very chilly and early morning.

    1. Or maybe he just likes digestive biscuits.

    2. No doubt, though, he is a swan of taste and discernment.

  2. Ralph, I have to correct the information I gave you earlier regarding the LNHS "botany for beginners" meeting tomorrow. The time is 6.00pm, but the meeting point is LANCASTER GATE STATION.

    1. Thank you. Still not sure whether I can make it in time, but other readers may well be interested. My knowledge of botany is deplorable.