Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Grey Heron who hangs around the Dell restaurant is now walking up to people's tables and begging for food like a pampered lapdog.

The Black Swan was near the platform of Bluebird Boats, rounding up Mute Swans and driving them away.

After each exploit he would come back to his girlfriend and hold his head up and give a little cry of triumph. I'm sure she was very impressed by his prowess.

Several Mute Swans decided they'd had enough, and took of and headed in the direction of the Round Pond.

A Cormorant was taking off from the Long Water, but only to find another place to fish. Getting this large bird into the air requires a long run and heavy flapping of its big wings.

Near Peter Pan, seen from across the lake, a pair of Great Crested Grebes were dancing with autumn leaves.

This Black-Headed Gull, ring number EX63686, was ringed by Roy Sanderson in Hyde Park in December 2011, and has been coming back every winter since then. It was standing on the railing of the Dell restaurant.

The yew tree between Peter Pan and the Italian Garden had a Song Thrush in it ...

... and half a dozen Blackbirds, all busily eating berries.

There was no sign of either of the Little Owls today.

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