Tuesday, 22 September 2015

There were still a few House Martins passing over the Serpentine, and one of the Hobbies had come out to have a look at them. It didn't catch any while I was there.

A Sparrowhawk was circling in a thermal high over Kensington Gardens.

A flock of migrant Goldfinches was moving towards the Albert Memorial, which I believe is a way marker for migrating birds, though many doubt that such things exist. They paused at the top of a tall plane tree. One of them had caught an insect.

Some of our Goldfinches migrate to southern Europe while others stay here.

There was the unusual sight of a Mistle Thrush, a Starling and a Green Woodpecker close together in a tree near the Italian Garden.

At the top of Buck Hill a flock of Starlings gathered in a maple tree, already with red autumn leaves.

A Cormorant was washing itself vigorously in the Serpentine.

A Grey Heron was braking hard before landing on a pole near the island.

They have fine control of their landings, unlike Cormorants which have to jump out of the water on to the chain and scramble awkwardly up on to the post.

The male Little Owl was in his usual place despite the morning rain. But he was annoyed by a Magpie and retreated into the nest hole.

Another Magpie had pecked open a horse chestnut seed, not to eat it but because it had seen an insect there.


  1. Good to meet you today Ralph. Glad you got the glaring little owl shot!