Sunday, 13 September 2015

There are more Cormorants on the lake. When I was doing my monthly bird count on Friday, I found 14. This one had been fishing in the wire baskets near the bridge, and was struggling up the chain to perch on the post and dry its wings.

These baskets are a nursery for perch, which have now grown to as much as 6 inches long, quite big enough to interest Cormorants.

A Mute Swan was descending on to the Serpentine, water-skiing with its big feet to reduce the impact.

The bold female Pied Wagtail was on the south shore of the Serpentine, completely unfazed by the crowds of visitors trundling along the edge within inches of it.

A young Great Crested Grebe was looking for little water creatures on the roots of a bush next to Peter Pan, under the gaze of a young Moorhen.

Grebes and Moorhens don't bother each other, unlike grebes and Coots, which are constantly at war.

The Reed Warblers are still in the reed bed near the bridge. This one came out during a sunny interval to preen its wings.

Feral Pigeons were queuing for the bath in the Italian Garden.

Two Nuthatches were coming down to take food from the railings at the bottom of the leaf yard, though they were disturbed by the throng of people passing them on the path.

Great Tits don't worry about such things. They are the boldest of small birds and will happily fly down to take food from the hands of complete strangers.

The male Little Owl was again in last year's nest tree.

His mate was in the next tree, but tucked up in dense foliage and very hard to see.

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