Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The male Cetti's Warbler is still singing, though more quietly than his usual explosive sound. He was in the oak tree just to the north of the reed bed near the bridge, and appeared for a moment.

When I went past again an hour later he could be heard in the same place, though not seen.

One of the usual pair of Coal Tits was just above him in the tree.

There is no difficulty in seeing these, because they come out to be fed.

Two Goldcrests were hopping around in the yew bush between Peter Pan and the Italian Garden.

A Jay was burying an acorn in the long grass on Buck Hill. They can remember exactly where they have buried hundreds, even thousands, of acorns.

The male Little Owl was in his usual place in the nest tree.

The family of Great Crested Grebes from the fallen poplar in the Long Water were on the far side of the lake, with their parents alternately feeding them and defying the family next door.

The very small chick had slight difficulty in swallowing this fish, but managed after a couple of tries.

A fish of the same size was no more than a titbit for a Grey Heron near the Italian Garden.

There are several Gadwalls on the Long Water.

The drakes are back in their smart grey breeding plumage, They have regained their finery earlier than the Mallards and Tufted Ducks, which are still are still looking very shabby.

A male Pochard near the island was also looking smart, and having a vigorous wash.

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