Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Magpie family near the Henry Moore sculpture amuse themselves by teasing rabbits and squirrels. This squirrel lost its temper and went for one of them.

The Great Crested Grebes from the island were interested in a giant soap bubble which came down in the lake next to them.

Two Nuthatches are regularly coming down to take food at the leaf yard. Occasionally one of them will dare to come to your hand.

This female Pied Wagtail was working her way along the waterside fence of the Lido restaurant taking crumbs off the tables. She is now prepared to come on to tables even when they are occupied.

One of the pair of Dunnocks at the Lido was hopping around under a bench. I think this is the female, as her head is less grey than that of her mate.

The two Coal Tits at the bridge appear whenever I pass, taking pine nuts. These are part of their normal diet in the wild, and the birds prise them out of the cones with their sharp little beaks.

Even Grey Herons get bored sometimes while they are waiting for fish to come into reach.

This pool in the Italian Garden has a lot of medium-sized perch in it, so it's probably worth the wait. No one knows how the fish arrived in these ponds. There are also carp, and there was a goldfish till the heron got it.

Despite a chilly morning, the male Little Owl was on his favourite branch in last year's nest tree.

One of the Peregrines, I think the female, was on the pair's usual concrete shelf on the Metropole Hilton Hotel, 300 ft above the Marylebone flyover.

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