Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Cormorants on the Long Water seem to be taking over the new gravel bank at the Vista. It's a lot easier to get on to than the wooden posts they have been using.

This bank was built to attract the wading birds that are occasional visitors to the park. I haven't seen one here yet, but if it turns up it is going to have to fight for its place among the many other species that are using the bank.

The foolish Egyptian couple haven't been seen for a while, and it seemed that they were nesting again. Now they have shown up on the Vista, their usual territory. They may have lost another brrod within a couple of days, as they have consistently done several times a year for the past ten years.

Across the lake from Peter Pan, the Great Crested Grebe family were being heavily harassed by Black-Headed Gulls, and had to shelter under the bushes.

A pair of Nuthatches came down to be fed at the railings of the leaf yard. This one had found a nut by itself, perhaps an underripe hazel nut.

One of the yew trees in the Flower Walk was full of Mistle Thrushes eating the berries.

Near the Italian Garden someone had thrown down some extra-thin grissini for a Feral Pigeon. It was interested and tried to eat them, but couldn't manage to peck pieces out of these rigid little sticks.

Weekends bring more and more people to feed the Ring-Necked Parakeets beside the leaf yard. Today there were over twenty at one time.

The female Little Owl was in what has now become her usual place, enjoying a sunny interval. She is getting calmer about being photographed.

The Reed Warblers are still in the reed bed near the bridge, but although I went by several times they wouldn't come to the front to be photographed. However, there was a good view of a female Migrant Hawker dragonfly, in her tiger-striped colours looking every bit as elegant as her blue mate.

The Cetti's Warbler is still singing nearby.

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