Monday, 7 September 2015

A Magpie was sunbathing in front of the reed bed near the bridge, panting with its beak open although it was not a warm day. It looked at us warily but didn't budge.

A Reed Warbler was preening on a reed stem.

There were several Migrant Hawker dragonflies flying around the reed bed. This one is male.

So is this Common Darter, which was resting on the stone surround of one of the Italian Garden ponds.

The ponds are full of bright green duckweed, which was good news for this Mallard.

When the Canada Geese were there yesterday I wondered whether they would eat the duckweed, but they completely ignored it.

A Grey Heron was experimenting with a novel food, some sweet corn thrown by a visitor who was feeding the ducks. The heron liked it and ate the lot, driving off several Mallards and Coots so that it could have a clear run.

The young Pied Wagtail was again visiting the tables at the Lido restaurant.

You wouldn't think that an insect-eating bird would fancy the bits of pizza and cake on offer, but it seemed quite keen on them.

A Treecreeper on a tree near the leaf yard was sticking to its usual diet.

The male Little Owl was in his usual tree, taking advantage of occasional sunny spells.

Update: a splendid picture by David Element of a Migrant Hawker in flight, which arrived as I was writing this blog post.

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