Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Lesser Black-Backed Gull was walking up the shore of the Serpentine looking for food. There was a stick in front of it, and I knew it would be impossible for the bird to walk past without playing with this, just as you can't pass a can in the street without kicking it. And sure enough, the gull picked it up and threw it around a few times before proceeding with its search.

At Peter Pan, two Black-Headed Gulls were playing their favourite game of knocking each other off posts. In fact they both lost their footing, as the one that had just arrived landed a little too near the edge and slipped off.

A teenage Moorhen was eating lichen off a floating branch, and paused to take a drink to wash down this rather gritty meal.

A Tufted Duck on the Serpentine turned upside down to preen his belly.

A Grey Heron at the island gave me a piercing stare down its long lethal beak. This view is the last thing that many a fish and rat have seen.

The sunshine had brought people on to the terrace of the Lido restaurant, and the usual Pied Wagtail was running around under their chairs.

I used to think that it was looking for food crumbs, but after seeing a Starling catch a Crane Fly here I reckon that it may be after insects attracted by the crumbs.

Another patch of grass on Buck Hill has just been mown, and the local Carrion Crows were taking advantage of the exposed insects, and of being able to walk more easily than they can in long grass.

Under the trees at the foot of the hill there was a patch of Yellow Fieldcap mushrooms, larger and shinier than the rather withered ones I saw earlier near the Little Owls' trees.

The male Little Owl, on his usual branch, was annoyed by a squirrel climbing up towards him and gave it a fierce yellow glare.

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