Friday, 3 April 2015

There really are a lot of Wrens this year, as a result of the winter having been mild so that more than usual survived. In particular, as you go up the east side of the Long Water there is one territory after another. Here is one of them singing.

The Great Crested Grebes on the Serpentine have perfected their dance routine and gave a very assured performance.

There was news from Joseph in yesterday's comments that there was a new brood of eight young Egyptian Geese at the Lido. I saw them from across the lake, but by the time I got round to the Lido side they had swum off somewhere and disappeared, possibly behind the island. So I don't have a picture of them. These are the familiar six from the Round Pond, still all doing well.

The Scaup was still next to the Dell restaurant, barging its way boldly through the crowd of other ducks.

They included the white Mallard, an elegant creature. It goes around with one normal-coloured drake and one female, which makes me think it is female too. Two drakes with one female would be harassing her.

The willow tree next to the bridge had several Mallard drakes in it, looking awkward in unaccustomed surroundings. Here one of them steps gingerly along a branch.

On the Long Water, a Grey Heron landed on the Mute Swans' island. It met a hostile reception and flew away at once.

We seem to be seeing more of the female Little Owl than the male one at the moment. Here she is again in the chestnut tree next to the nest tree.

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