Sunday, 11 May 2014

Some Herring Gulls and Lesser Black-Backed Gulls were diving for crayfish at the shallow edge of the Long Water. The young Great Black-Backed Gull was watching them from the raft. When one of the smaller gulls caught a crayfish, it would barge in and steal it. In this picture it is the gull facing right, with the white head.

Then it would retire to a distance to enjoy its meal, which it dismantled with its powerful bill much quicker than a Lesser Black-Back could manage.

While I was watching it stole and ate two crayfish.

Two Starling nests under the eaves of the martial arts bandstand at the bottom of Buck Hill contained loudly clamouring young, and their parents were busy feeding them. Here one of them arrives, flying straight up into the hole with great agility.

Some other Starlings were quarrelling over the contents of a bird feeder in the Dell. Really the bird feeders ought to be Starling-proof to give the smaller birds a chance, but these ones are of a rather primitive design.

The lamp post behind the Lido was even noisier than yesterday, and passers-by were stopping to try to work out where the sound was coming from -- impossible to guess unless you know about the peculiar nesting habits of the park's Blue Tits. Here one of them has brought a caterpillar and is leaving to get another.

The male Little Owl came out of his chestnut tree to be photographed.

I hadn't expected him to emerge on a windy and slightly chilly day.

No sign of the Tawny Owl. Perhaps we have seen the last of him for this year -- though in previous years we have been able to see him as late as June.

A Hobby was calling somewhere near the Round Pond. I hurried over but didn't see it. I suppose it was hunting Swifts, of which there were a good number over the pond, and more on the lake.

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